Separating Fact from Friction

When evaluating stamping lubricants it can be difficult to compare performance levels based just on a product data sheet or how it’s working in another press shop. Unfortunately, when there is a lack of dependable data, the only go to data point is price.

IRMCO has always tried to guide our clients by developing and using dependable data-driven methodologies. Testing in a client’s actual press is ideal but it’s time-consuming and difficult to schedule. Real-time tool data showing metal flow and tool coating life is of course the best way to compare lubricant “A” to lubricant “B”.

But what about lubricants “C,” “D” and “E” -- and so on? It’s usually not feasible in today’s busy press shop. Never mind daily production demands, there may not be staff available to perform such a task. This is where IRMCO iTool comes into play.

Together with GE Appliance Park (Louisville, KY) and Bennett Tool & Die (Nashville, TN), IRMCO has developed a tool and test method based upon the research of Dr. Taylan Altan at The Ohio State University and the Center for Precision Forming. IRMCO’s cup draw test tool can measure and compare the frictional forces and deformation temperatures exhibited by one lubricant versus another.

The test uses actual client materials and has shown excellent correlation to field performance.  Adding to the fact that the tool is housed in a 300-ton AIDA Servo Press, additional data regarding the metal formability process window can also be measured. No other stamping lubricant in the world has this capability in-house.

So if you think all lubricants are the same, let  IRMCO help you, “Separating Fact from Friction”.