IRMCO® Advanced Lubricant Technologies, Evanston, IL, a manufacturer of oil-free metal forming and tube bending lubricants received worldwide automotive approval from FORD™.  The IRMCO® 323 series is a medium-viscosity, highly dilutable product that is easily removed with plain water wash.  Ford has recognized that oil free metalworking lubricants can reduce several cost centers within a stamping environment and found the IRMCO 323 series a perfect match for Ford and their suppliers.  These approvals are instrumental in the automotive focus on environmentally clean products and oil free technology.  The IRMCO 323 series is one of the latest in IRMCO’s innovative product line.

IRMCO® has been creating metalworking lubricants for over 99 years.  Improving your business through advanced metalforming lubricant technology has been our mission.   We achieve it by providing LeanGreen® non-oil metal-forming fluids and gels as well as by providing engineering services to help you optimize more than 80 manufacturing, assembly, and environmental areas.

In over 35 countries; we’re used in manufacturing many critical components in automobiles, light and heavy trucks, exhaust systems, seating, class ‘A’ trim, aircraft, turf maintenance, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, appliances, pressure vessels, and other products.