Make Sense Out of Your Stamping Lubricant!

You wouldn’t replace the shingles on your roof with a plastic tarp would you? Sure—the tarp may provide a little protection from the elements—but is that what you’d really like to be between you and  a hail storm—or extreme temperatures? While that tarp is a physical barrier—just like those shingles—to provide protection to your home, it’s not the best option. You wouldn’t want to cut corners on your protection up front to wind up spending far more on the damage done to the structure and safety of your home—would you?

A similar argument can be made for the stamping lubricant you use in your stamping and drawing processes. Although stamping lubricants are designed to provide varying degrees of protection for parts and tooling—not all stamping lubricants are the same.

IRMCO® developed the first fully synthetic, oil-free stamping lubricants decades ago and was instrumental in proving their utility and benefits—especially involving more difficult to form, higher strength steel components. But our stamping lubricants are much more than what pours out of the drum and is used in your process— it’s a commitment to each customer of support at every level of our organization. A commitment not only in chemistry—but in expertise and problem-solving capabilities earned and developed over decades of field trials and success. Everyone shares the same values and level of commitment to providing the highest degree of performance and value to every customer. These beliefs and dedication are some of the core tenets of the “IRMCO WAY” –  the way we support our customers, and in turn, support theirs.

IRMCO lubricants don’t just protect your material and tooling investments—they provide the peace of mind that you have a business partner that will work with you to find resolutions wherever possible to address your production concerns. If you want to stop cutting corners with your current stamping lubricant—reach out to IRMCO. Our decades of chemical and technical expertise are waiting for you—all under one roof.


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