Manufacturing Matters

No one involved with manufacturing in the U.S. over the past 30 years can deny the monumental changes manufacturing has sustained. It goes beyond continual investment in automation and robotics and the “lean” operating practices maintained since economic downturns—it’s a changed American “business model”.

The highly skilled laborers, tool & die builders, welders and machinists that traditionally comprised the bulk of the manufacturing world have been leaving the workforce and are not being replaced at an equivalent rate. What this means to the American public at large is something very significant. These good paying jobs that supported families for generations and didn’t require the expense of college are fading away or already gone. It’s for this reason that IRMCO has always supported and promoted the development of manufacturing skills and talent through academic, business and trade organizations.

IRMCO is a proud member and participant in the Center for Precision Forming (CPF), the International & North American Deep Drawing Groups (IDDRG & NADDRG), the Edison Welding Institute (EWI), Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) and the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association (FMA). We sponsor university research into manufacturing, engineering and tribological endeavors and donate time and materials to advance manufacturing research here and abroad. Our regional and global business partnerships continue to promote manufacturing skills and job development initiatives to provide for a more secure future—especially in todays’ expanding and ever-changing global economy.

Manufacturing provides the framework for healthy, productive societies and IRMCO is proud to support and preserve these skills and jobs. To learn how IRMCO can help you with optimizing your production processes—reach out to us at 800-323-2933 or We’d be proud to help.

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