New IRMCO FLUIDS for General Purpose Stamping

IRMCO FLUIDS for General Purpose Stamping

IRMCO FLUIDS® 323-00K represents the latest addition to the tried and tested “323-series” line of oil-free stamping fluids.

323-00K was developed to fill a void in the metal-stamping marketplace for a heavier duty product that could tackle high volume and demanding steel production–as well as demonstrate utility in stainless steel applications.

IRMCO FLUIDS® 323-00K has performed well in stamping structural automotive components like chassis, suspension subframes, steel wheels and seating frame structures and also in the appliance and consumer household products sectors.

Having utility on materials ranging from mild and uncoated steels with tensile strength ratings from 200MPa–780MPa and stainless steel alloys regularly used in automotive and appliance applications–323-00K offers flexibility at a comparatively lower cost.

Contact your IRMCO representative to see if IRMCO FLUIDS® 323-00K is the right product for your application.

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