Power Equipment Stamping Fluids


Power Equipment Stamping FluidsIndustry:
Lawn and Garden

Components: Mower and Seat Decks

Material: HR Steel

Fluid Technology: IRMCO® 146-492

Number of parts trialed: 3,000


Client Objective

Reduce lawn and garden lubricant usage – too much lubricant was being used and wasted on the floor and around the presses

Reduce lawn and garden lubricant inventory to one product choice

Eliminate shipping costs associated with pre-diluted supply

Improvements Achieved

  • By replacing a chlorinated oil and a soap based synthetic with a single IRMCO® non-oil fluid inventory was simplified. With the use of IRMCO® recommended controlled application equipment, lubricant consumption was reduced more than 25%.
  • With consignment inventory and automated mixing of concentrate on site, another 10% of total lawn and garden lubricant budget was reduced with less shipping.
  • IRMCO® 146-492 provided a controlled and consistent barrier on the tooling, delivered a reduction in weld rejects and improved lawn and garden tool performance.

Business Value

  • The reduction in lawn and garden lubricant usage resulted in more than $75K in annual savings.