global-impactSince the mid-1970’s, IRMCO has been at the forefront of promoting environmental stewardship by innovating and developing oil-free chemistries for diverse metal-stamping and tube-bending industries.

While oil-based fluids were “the norm” in industrial manufacturing when IRMCO started over 100 years ago – it was the far-ranging environmental and economic impact of oil and oil-based chemistries that led IRMCO to find a more environmentally sound option.

Introducing the first oil-free stamping fluids in the U.S in the early 1980’s wasn’t just a response to oil embargos and the formation of the EPA – it was a move of conscience – of appreciation for the gifts of this planet and environment and the desire to protect it for future generations.

Not only do oil-free stamping and bending fluids protect our environment through decreased reliance on oil drilling and its associated risks– but they protect the environment through increased efficiencies of overlooked or otherwise ignored associated manufacturing processes.

Oil-free IRMCO lubricants benefit lower temperature aqueous cleaning and finishing processes – providing safer cleaning options over solvent-cleaning systems, helping to reduce V.O.C. output. Lower temperature cleaning and finishing processes conserve massive amounts of energy and are integral to the expanded use of transition metal coatings. Transition metal coatings benefit the environment by lessening dependence on conventional iron and zinc phosphate surface treatments, which can eliminate the large amounts of metal sludge and waste generated by the older processes.

Oil-free stamping and bending lubricants offer improved biodegradability over most straight oil and oil-based lubricants and their additives. This lower environmental persistence benefits and protects water sources as well as air quality. The water-based and water-dilutable fluids lessen housekeeping costs in manufacturing facilities and the energy and time required to maximize worker safety in production facilities.

As global, environmental regulations continue to evolve, so too must the chemistries essential to our vital manufacturing industries. The commitment to preserving our resources and improving our environment goes far beyond simple ISO 14001 goals – it must be a commitment to providing sound options to the “comfortable”, but more harmful options of the past.

IRMCO, and its network of global partners stand ready, as always, to engage with our customers to research, develop and provide sound and sustainable lubricant options not just for today or for your fiscal year – but for the next 110 years and the challenges that lie ahead.