Being a purchasing agent for a metal-stamping facility can be a great challenge. After all, you’re being told to cut operational costs from management,  while the operations and production departments are begging for funds to keep presses and other equipment moving finished products out the door. You don’t make money when presses are down – so how do you determine where to save and where to spend? How do you know your “savings” measures didn’t just shift the burden to another department? Your perceived savings on one part of your process might actually be driving your costs up multiple times elsewhere in your plant.

Running a business is, in many ways, just like any household. There are only so many areas one can cut costs before the suffering begins. It’s good practice to seek competitive pricing, purchasing terms and to have more than one approved supplier for critical production materials – but do you have all the information you need to make the best decision? The best consumer is an educated consumer.

Can your stamping lubricant supplier help you quantify which stamping operations consume the most lubricant? Can they help you optimize your application methods to further cut costs and benefit downstream processes? Can they screen multiple stamping lubricants in actual forming processes prior to conducting production line trials – reducing or eliminating your risks as your processes evolve? If they can’t provide this added value – what are you really paying for?

To learn more about what sets IRMCO apart from the competition – contact your local IRMCO representative or IRMCO directly at 800-323-2933. After all, a business partnership is so much more than just a business transaction.

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