Seat Component Case Study

Project Scope
Replace competitive, synthetic stamping lubricant & improve weld quality while reducing process costs.

Process costs were lowered 12%, lubricant-related weld residue defects were eliminated, scrap & process costs were reduced.


  • Eliminated lube-related weld residue defects.
  • Lowered production costs 12% over competitive lubricant.
  • Provided cleaner regulatory (HMIS) lubricant profile to help achieve ISO 14001 goal.
  • Lowered volume of applied lubricant to parts by additional 15% over competitor.

SAE J2340 800DL steel coil – .0492 – 0.0515” (1.25-1.31mm) thickness.

Product Used
IRMCO FLUIDS® 146-692 @ 12:1 dilution ratio (8.0%).

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