Structural Panel Case Study

Project Scope
Replace competitive, synthetic stamping fluid that generated 50% scrap due to cracking and created finishing issues.

IRMCO eliminated all cracking of parts & finishing defects through paint. Applied amount of lubricant was lowered by 15-20% generating additional cost savings.


  • Eliminated part cracking  – saving 50% of production parts.
  • Eliminated finishing/paint defects.
  • Reduced amount of applied lubricant necessary to produce parts.
  • Provided a better operator & environmental safety profile over the competitive product.
  • Allowed the customer to realize targeted ISO 14001 goals.

5052 Aluminum blanks –  0.047” ( 1.19mm) thickness.

Product Used
IRMCO FLUIDS® 080-B85 @ 5:1 dilution ratio.

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