Sweden’s Largest Swimming Pool

Vidosternsimmet race course



What do IRMCO and Vidosternsimmet have in common? Lennart Claesson and both fans of clean water! Vidosternsimmet is Sweden’s longest open water swimming race and took place this past Saturday, August 12th. Lennart, part of the IRMCO family (Eqsol), founded this event and participated in the 21.5 KM race. Lennart , who will be turning 60, finished 13th with a time of 6 hours, 20 minutes.

It doesn’t go unnoticed that Sweden’s largest swimming pool is in the wilderness and that’s why it’s so important that IRMCO focuses on our environmental impact by supporting both a lean and green value stream. Similar to how we treat our bodies with healthy habits and the exercise Lennart has shown in the intense training necessary to swim this race. Great job!!


Start of the raceLennartFinished

For more information on the event and live results: http://vidosternsimmet.se/

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