There’s got to be a better way to…

Ever ask yourself if there was a better way to get to your goal? Ever had a tool builder or engineer tell you an “oil” was the only thing that would work in a given application? Have you ever wondered how your current production process(es) have evolved to where they are now?

Anyone who told you an “oil” was the only type of lubricant that will work in a given application has either designed the process to be “captive” to that technology—or hasn’t looked hard enough for a solution. Today’s production demands are nothing like those in the 80’s or 90’s—or even just a few short years ago. Changing regulatory demands, supply chain restrictions and the growing list of tariffs on essential materials have altered the way we produce things and interact with one another. It’s not until we experience disruptions to our “normal processes” that we learn or are forced to adapt. IRMCO is a believer that “there’s got to be a better way”—and our history proves it.

Originally a compounder of metal-working oils—IRMCO was a lot like its competitors in its early days. But as environmental and safety regulations became more common and global supply chains of mineral oil were severely impacted in the 70’s—IRMCO thought “there’s got to be a better way”…and we found it.

Developing and proving out the original oil-free stamping lubricants in the early 80’s was a great challenge. But with more experience and adaptation to changing chemistries, materials and application methods; tool builders and engineers quickly learned the advantages of water-based, oil-free stamping fluids. The competition learned of the benefits as well—either developing their own versions of oil-free lubricants—or buying companies that had already developed and marketed them.

Certainly there are practical limitations to virtually everything in the metal-stamping industry; from stamping fluids, to metallurgy, to tool treatments/coatings and automation. This isn’t unique to the metal-stamping industry. You wouldn’t want your dentist to use a monkey wrench and ice pick…would you? Both items can be used for extraction purposes. But just aren’t best suited for that particular application. The current metal-stamping environment requires adaptive, cooperative and responsive partnerships to ensure progress and sustainability. If you’re wondering if there is a better way to address your production issues—give IRMCO a call—if we haven’t already found it—we’ll be proud to join you in your search.

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