Women of Excellence in Metal Forming & Fabricating awarded to Esther Danque

Congratulations to Esther for winning 2020’s Women of Excellence in Metal Forming and Fabricating – A very bright spot in a tough year!  https://www.metalformingmagazine.com/article/?/management/leadership/2020-women-of-excellence-in-metal-forming-fabricating

Esther Danque

Accounting Manager, Irmco, Evanston, IL

A 25-yr. industry veteran, Esther serves as Irmco’s accounting manager, managing all general accounting functions including completing ledger accounts and financial statements.  She has taken it upon herself to learn more about manufacturing and has taken over the functions of scheduling production and managing inventory.  Also skilled in information technology (IT), Esther helps Irmco employees with computer issues and updates, and works closely with Irmco’s outside IT company, most recently on a server upgrade and on moving all of the company’s email to Office 365.

Esther recently sourced, learned and implemented a new accounting-software program that increased productivity at Irmco, by changing the software into process manufacturing, and allowing associates to work with modules that tie in formula development, inventory, chemical manufacturing and accounting.
“She was promoted last year to auditor for ISO certification, and works closely with our lab and plant to streamline production,” offers her nominator. “She is well respected and liked by her co-workers, customers and vendors.”

“I always assumed that manufacturing jobs were mainly for men, but there are so many opportunities for women. When I first started at Irmco, I was an accounting manager. Now, in addition to that role, I also schedule production, work with IT, and am the auditor for our ISO certification. I enjoy working with various people throughout the company.”

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