Stainless Steel Stamping Lubricants Case Study


IRMCO offers several series of stamping lubricants to address the demands of your stainless steel stamping needs. These product series are designed to address stainless steel stamping processes based on the complexity of the operation, depth of draw and parts finish criteria:

IRMCO FLUIDS®146 series: recommended for medium to heavy duty drawing and stamping and punching. Applications would include containers and housings, decorative embossments and light structural components.

IRMCO FLUIDS® 536 series: recommended for most aluminum stamping processes. Capable of deep drawn aluminum canisters and tanks, aluminum body panels, appliance components and cupping work.

AUTOMOTIVE OEM: MUFFLER BAFFLE – Replace competitive, chlorinated paraffin-based, emulsifiable oil stamping fluid due to customer concerns over worker exposure, housekeeping & tooling life.