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IRMCO South East Asia Expansion

  We are proud to announce our global expansion into South East Asia.   We can now sell and service  Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.  Visit us at and learn how we can help you improve your manufacturing process, increase production cost savings and meet environmental requirements.
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Cykelvasan 90

  Sweden and Eqsol continue to show their athleticism with Fredrik Pettersson riding his MTB on Saturday, August 12th in Cykelavasan 90 in Dalarna. The start is in Sälen and you pass by all the famous Vasaloppet checkpoints on your way to the Mora finish line. The race is a real challenge, run on 51.5…
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Sweden’s Largest Swimming Pool

    What do IRMCO and Vidosternsimmet have in common? Lennart Claesson and both fans of clean water! Vidosternsimmet is Sweden’s longest open water swimming race and took place this past Saturday, August 12th. Lennart, part of the IRMCO family (Eqsol), founded this event and participated in the 21.5 KM race. Lennart , who will…
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