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CAFE Standards: The Long & Winding Road

U.S. E.P.A.  Director Scott Pruitt, has proposed revisions of CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) standards for targeted years 2022-2025. This proposal is inspired by the relatively low, average cost of gasoline and the earlier improvements to overall “fleet” fuel economy made since action was taken in 2012 to increase MPG for American automobiles. These standards…
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Global Steel Outlook: Tariffs & Exemptions-The Fallout

The original deadline for steel & aluminum tariffs planned for May 1st has passed and all of the anxiety, last minute “state visits” and posturing has resulted in the disappointing—but not unexpected—extension of reprieve. Argentina, Brazil & Australia have joined South Korea in accepting “voluntary quota” agreements to help resolve their situations—but Canada and Mexico—as…
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Global Steel Outlook: May Day 2018 Exemptions

As the days and weeks ebb slowly through the first half of 2018, the impact of the tariffs on steel and aluminum imports are starting to develop a little more clearly. It’s fitting that many throughout the globe will be observing “May Day” soon—traditionally acknowledging the beginning of the Spring season but equally as important—International…
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