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Check it out! IRMCO has a new product for large-diameter tubing. With new regulations restricting or eliminating chlorinated paraffin as an ingredient in metal-forming fluids, the challenge has been to develop products safer for the environment and for worker exposure. IRMCO developed IRMCO GEL 986-00D as the first product in a new line of tube…
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Can’t Stand The Heat?

Thermographic analysis has been used for years in defense systems, HVAC troubleshooting applications and failure analysis in areas of manufacturing. The infrared images can help isolate localized areas of high temperature and/or friction and aid in better die and process design and improvement. Used in conjunction with other metrics from process monitoring, a stamping process…
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Expanding Opportunities for
Women in Business

March is Women’s History Month, and  at First Bank  & Trust, we thought it would be a great time to honor women business leaders in our community. Today, according to the National Women’s Business Council, 36.3  percent of all pri- vately-held businesses in the United States are owned by women, up from 28.8 per- cent…
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