The ban on chlorinated paraffins (CP) is quickly becoming a reality.

The ban on chlorinated paraffins (CP) is quickly becoming a reality. While the short chain have been eliminated for awhile, and medium and long chain were granted a temporary “stay of execution” to allow industries to continue searching for alternatives; many focused on very long chain chlorinated paraffin as their option. While medium and long chain CP are certain to be banned in most or all cases in 2017, it would seem logical that the very long chain CP will not be far behind.

While this has led to great concern in metal-forming and machining industries over the past couple of years, IRMCO has focused on providing alternatives to chlorinated paraffin based stamping fluids since 1983. The focus was not driven by EPA mandate, nor case studies showing bioaccumulation of CP in mammalian tissues and in our Great Lakes and polar regions – it was personal choice. The decision was made to eliminate chlorinated paraffin from IRMCO products because the vast majority of stamping and forming processes could be accomplished WITHOUT USING CHLORINATED PARAFFINS.

While chlorinated paraffins remained in use largely for their comparative lower cost and high performance, the oil soluble replacement options are significantly more expensive – closing the difference in associated costs between oil-based and non-oil based fluids. The additional benefits of “weld through” capability, greater ease of cleaning, lower temperature removal and lower impact on conventional waste treatment processes clearly favor non-oil alternatives.

IRMCO saw the benefit of ending reliance on chlorinated paraffin over 30 years ago. Let us show you how to move past reliance on chlorinated paraffin and optimize your production. Contact IRMCO at: , or check us out on our YOUTUBE  and VIMEO pages.

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