2017 Manufacturing Day

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MFG-Day-sign-croppedOn October 4th, the annual Manufacturing Day was held by the Evanston WestEnd committee.  Neighboring companies such as Ward Manufacturing, I love Sweets, Solid Development and IRMCO gave tours to the students at Evanston Township High School. These companies brought awareness to the meaning of manufacturing in the United States.  They intrigue these young-eager minds by demonstrating their own company manufacturing process.  Evanston WestEnd has been participating in this great cause for 5 years.  Every year has been successful and beneficial for all.

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Global Steel Outlook

Metal stampers have experienced a lot of changes in recent years. Whether it’s tightening governmental regulations, materials being removed from the marketplace or the evolution of light-weighting materials and press technologies—the “status quo” isn’t what it used to be. One factor drawing closer scrutiny since April has been the global steel market: more specifically, the potential...
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