The Evolution of IRMCO GEL

solid-orange-(RGB)-cropped Why lubricate your walls and floor? It’s a good question - and a valid one. It’s a question IRMCO asked over 20 years ago when tube-bending lubricants were either very fluid, oil-based chemistries or thicker, grease-like pastes. These products would regularly weep or fling out of tubes...
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Sources of Phosphorus Contamination

One of the many areas targeted by the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) is the reduction of phosphorus/phosphate levels.  This is a particularly important part of the initiative as these chemicals provide the nutrient for massive populations of algae that can foul whole sections of lakes. The major source of phosphorus/phosphate affecting the Great Lakes is...
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IRMCO GEL 20 Year Anniversary

Imagine a time when machine operators needed to wear a rain slicker and equipment needed to sit on a 3” deep collection pan full of lubricant.  It was 1997 and the typical mandrel tube bending shop.  That was the tube bending universe before IRMCO invented the worlds first Gel bending lubricant. 20 years has passed and...
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