Benefits of Switching to IRMCO – Regulatory Objectives

• IRMCO FLUIDS® are heavy-duty, oil-free options to competitive, oil-based and emulsifiable oil stamping fluids – helping eliminate oil from effluent and waste streams.

• IRMCO FLUIDS® can help eliminate reliance on competitive, chlorinated paraffin-based straight oil and emulsifiable oil stamping fluids, eliminating concerns over growing international regulations/restrictions and waste disposal concerns.

• Some IRMCO FLUIDS® can be applied minimally to replace “vanishing/evaporative” lubricants – helping reduce or eliminate V.O.C. concerns in production processes.

• IRMCO FLUIDS® are consistent with ISO 14001 goals and objectives through their excellent environmental/safety profile, minimal application and reduction in energy
required to weld, clean and process IRMCO stamped parts.


IRMCO FLUIDS® impact on: