Benefits of Switching to IRMCO – Stamping Lubricant Consumption

 • IRMCO FLUIDS® were designed to perform best when applied minimally to parts and tooling.

• IRMCO FLUIDS® form true, clear solutions with water – eliminating the instability of emulsified oil stamping fluids and eliminating the need for solution to be constantly mixed.

• Providing optimal part and tooling protection through controlled spray and/or roller application – IRMCO FLUIDS® eliminates the need to flood apply stamping lubricant.

• Being oil-free and readily miscible in water – IRMCO FLUIDS® are easily proportioned with conventional mixing/metering equipment allowing for more consistent/stable control of concentration.

• Ability to precision apply IRMCO FLUIDS® eliminates the need to reclaim/recycle stamping lubricant solution – eliminating rancidity and yielding more consistent performance.


IRMCO FLUIDS® impact on: