Benefits of Switching to IRMCO – Tooling and Stamped Parts

• IRMCO customers regularly notice improvement in part finish through reduction of burrs, scoring and galling on stamped parts over previously used, competitive fluids.

• IRMCO products regularly reduce the temperature of stamped parts through superior lubrication compared to competitive oil-based and synthetic stamping lubricants.

• IRMCO FLUIDS® form clear solutions allowing for cleaner press operation and
easier tooling and part inspection compared to oil-based stamping lubricants.

• IRMCO FLUIDS® are designed to optimally be applied via spray or roller application – reducing the need to flood lubricant over parts and tooling.

• IRMCO customers regularly experience gains in tool life of at least 15-20% over competitive stamping lubricants.

IRMCO FLUIDS® impact on: