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New IRMCO Stamping Fluid for Appliances

IRMCO FLUIDS® 109-00J is a new addition to the IRMCO  FLUIDS, oil-free stamping lubricant line–specifically developed to provide a lower-cost option to competitive fluids–while offering excellent utility. 109-00J has proven very effective in stamping of enameling steels utilized in the appliance industries. It is easily dilutable, can be applied sparingly and cleans easily in conventional…
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Myopic Metal-Stamping

Are you suffering from myopic metal-stamping? Are you so focused on getting parts out your door to your customers that you’ll do nearly anything to get parts produced? Are you flooding your parts with stamping fluid just to squeak by in your production? Denying necessary tool & die maintenance due to production demands? Do you…
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Purchasing Dilemma

Being a purchasing agent for a metal-stamping facility can be a great challenge. After all, you’re being told to cut operational costs from management,  while the operations and production departments are begging for funds to keep presses and other equipment moving finished products out the door. You don’t make money when presses are down –…
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