Myopic Metal-Stamping

Are you suffering from myopic metal-stamping? Are you so focused on getting parts out your door to your customers that you’ll do nearly anything to get parts produced? Are you flooding your parts with stamping fluid just to squeak by in your production? Denying necessary tool & die maintenance due to production demands? Do you have twice the number of people grinding burrs and tabs off parts than you have running your presses?

If the above statements ring painfully true for you or your facility—it’s important to know there is a solution. The solution to your problems lies not in flooding your tooling and parts, but in the proper selection and use of the proper lubricant. Your Purchasing Department may not realize the $2.50 saved in cost per gallon of lubricant is costing your company $30,000/month in tooling costs and re-coating. If the whole scope of the stamping process was accounted for—maybe the down-time, tool work, scrap and part rework wouldn’t need to be explained—but be resolved.

In order to achieve this, the narrow-sighted approach to stamping needs to be addressed. You do this through careful investigation and with strong supplier partnerships that aren’t myopic. Partners that see the whole picture of your manufacturing needs today and down the road —and see it clearly. The proper lubricant, applied properly and a commitment to keeping productivity and efficiency in focus at all times…it’s the IRMCO way…and it should be your company’s way too.

Give your IRMCO representative a call or contact IRMCO directly at 800-323-2933 to get it all in focus and get moving forward.



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