Frequently Asked Questions

IRMCO FLUIDS® stamping lubricants are water-based and water-soluble fluids that are easily removed in conventional pretreatment processes in the automotive, appliance, heavy equipment, aerospace, and other manufacturing industries. Although the universally recommended industrial welding processes specify only welding completely clean metal surfaces together – some customers choose to “weld without washing”. The organic, oil-free residues typically “burn clean” in automated welding processes.

IRMCO discontinued the use of all chlorinated paraffin in 1982. IRMCO FLUIDS® are all mineral oil-free, water-based and water-soluble chemistries.

IRMCO FLUIDS® stamping lubricants can be optimally applied “through the die”, via a spray applicator or roller applicator. Depending upon your production process (process speed and whether it is blank-fed or coil-fed) your IRMCO representative will work with you to optimize your method of application to ensure proper lubrication with minimal waste.

In most/many instances, yes. IRMCO realizes operational costs are a major driving force in lubricant selection. However, operational costs are also driven by scrap reduction, lowered chemical consumption, and other process improvements – all of which IRMCO brings to our customers.

Just as with most things in life, “one size does NOT necessarily fit all”. IRMCO always strives to offer the greatest compatibility/utility to our customers through careful evaluation of customer and process needs. We strive to offer our customers the greatest performance and value with the greatest convenience.

IRMCO regularly offers comparative coefficient of friction (CoF) testing on customer-supplied production substrates, comparative stain/corrosion, stability, and other physical characteristic evaluations.

IRMCO FLUIDS® stamping lubricants contain no mineral oils. Our stamping lubricants are all water-based, fully water soluble, and have excellent biodegradability and safety profiles.