2018 Women of Excellence in Metalforming & Fabricating

Congratulations to our very own Jennifer Kalas, President of IRMCO.  Jennifer  was selected for the 2018 Women of Excellence in Metalforming & Fabricating.

At IRMCO for 19 years, Jennifer, a 32-year manufacturing-industry veteran, has led the company to record growth while helping foster an innovative company culture of open-book management and development of high-technology lubricant products. As the only woman president in the lubricant industry, according to her nominator, Jennifer has helped the company successfully develop and market non-oil lubricants to industries still dominated by oil-based products. A leader in her local Evanston, IL, community, she grew up in the Detroit, MI, area,  graduated from Michigan State University, and has stayed in the Rust Belt to serve metal stampers.

“Working in manufacturing offers women so many different career paths. Whether you prefer design, engineering, business or the plant floor, there are numerous opportunities. It’s exciting to be involved in so many areas of the business and to make a product that improves the process of your customer. You are part of a team where every position makes an important contribution, from product conception to the final sale.”

December 2018 issue: www.metalformingmagazine.com


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