Global Steel Outlook

Global Steel Outlook

Throughout the first year of the new administration, metal-stampers have experienced steady demand and productivity, markets continued to be relatively strong and consumer and producer optimism continued—albeit cautiously. After much speculation and discussion—the Dept. of Commerce has concluded it’s study into imported steel and aluminum and the President has acted.

After a year of debate—the 10% tariff on aluminum and 25% tariff on steel from foreign suppliers is taking effect. But even before the tariffs fully roll-out—their impact is already raising concern throughout the metal-stamping community. Not only is coil and blank stock of both metals already more expensive, but many stampers are concerned about availability of material if imports are either not available or no longer competitively priced. Add to this the confusion over reports that our NAFTA partners will be partially exempt, complicates things further.

When events like these unfold—manufacturers look for other ways to improve their bottom line while maintain efficiencies. IRMCO has been at the forefront in stamping process optimization for decades. With products designed to run cleaner, at lower coating weights and with improved weld-through and removal capability over oil-based stamping fluids—IRMCO can help get your costs back in-line.

With the duration and extent of these tariffs still in question, time is of the essence. Contact IRMCO to see how IRMCO FLUIDS can help you lower your costs and improve your processes.



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