Appliance Manufacturing Lubricants


Appliance Manufacturing Lubricants

Industry: Appliances/White Goods

Components: Cooktop, oven box & misc. parts

Material: Enamel Iron and Galvanized

Fluid Technology: IRMCO FLUIDS® 146-492

Number of parts trialed: 12,000


Client Objective

Wash stages used to reduce startup smoke

Appliance product rejects caused by galling and splits

Lubricant over application waste and washer energy costs

Improvements Achieved

New IRMCO® FLUIDS lubricant technology eliminated the need to wash

30% of the appliance parts before assembly

Lowered appliance part rejects by 22% by reducing galling with proper application and lubricant

Used higher performance IRMCO® FLUIDS lubricant to reduce applied residue resulting in lower wash temperatures

Business Value

  • Not having to wash some parts – freed up valuable wash capacity
  • Decreased at-the-press rejects which improved press performance and overall quality
  • Wash temperatures reduced 15 degrees lowered energy costs significantly